Send Message + SMS Server


The ultimate tool for users to send, receive and relay/forward SMS messages.
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Send message on web

✪✪✪✪✪ “Very good - Very nice app since the last version. Unique”

✪✪✪✪✪ “Naprosto skvele - S IceWarp serverem funguje naprosto spickove! Diky”

    Send message General
  • Free SMS delivery
  • Nice and clean UI
  • Multiple accounts
  • HTTP (send via HTTP gateway, gateway templates)
  • SMS (send via SMS)
  • Email (send via email)
  • Inbox SMS (broadcasts local message to any SMS receiver - supports multipart, UTF8 and all PDU)
  • Sent Archive (put sent messages to Messaging Sent folder)
  • UTF-8 and large message compliant
  • Character and message counters
  • No SIM card required (only Internet connection)
Settings SMS Server
  • HTTP server
  • API (GET and POST, can be used as HTTP gateway)
  • Notification with URL
  • Send Message from your browser with nice CSS
  • Phone Contacts integration and auto complete
    Rule Incoming Messages
  • Define multiple rules for any SMS received
  • Multiple actions
  • Forward, relay and delete messages via any account defined
  • RegExp
  • Integrate with another Send Message on a different device
Account Requirements
  • A configured SMS account (IceWarp account or any other (Clickatel or other SMS gateways))


Send Message on tablet Rule Rule


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